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We just need CALM

Offshore Windfarms

Guardian – 28-11-2022

Not good enough guys, not good enough by a long long way.

“where communities . . . .” needs rinsing out, the greatest percentage of objections always hark from those who cite ‘eyesore’ on the landscape or horizon – forget it! That chance, that argument has flown – no-one has the right to object to Windfarms on these farcical grounds alone.

But it’s bigger than that isn’t it? No 10 set to “allow” what the fuck? Are you saying they were disallowed previously? Unfuckingbelieveable.

Even a country’s Government shouldn’t have power over this – it’s the PLANET stupid!

Truss is gone. The Tory experiment is dying. Kill it off. Then don’t forgive and don’t forget

Yet I hold one trauma. The machinery that delivered the lies, the mind-bending, the chaos to a stupid majority in 2016 still exists.

I fear, I truly fear that despite this past month of political calamity, too many thin witted, near-sighted, gullible, plain nasty voters will swallow hook, line & stinker whatever crap the right-wing press and Tory marketing machine spews up.

If that happens, this will be the final decade the UK can ever hold its head high. A labour/lib/greens coalition could save our Bacon, just . . . .