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We just need CALM

NEWS! Italy, East Germany, Bretagne France, all leaving the Euro zone!

Most mornings I’m up around 6am – Sundays included.

Radio 4 is particularly easy on the ear at this time of

So is it this channel that provides this astonishing scoop?


It’s the rain-trails in the dirt of the van parked opposite.
I grab Klicky McKlikface (my camera – dunno, just seemed funny a few weeks ago)


It’s the SHAPE isn’t it – just LOOK at it.europe_van2

Risking near certain death at the hands of partner who loves to sleep-in on Sundays, I fire-up Captain Bogey (my PC – dunno . . . just seemed . . . ), Firefox, Google, Maps and PhotoShop – then trace round the shape.


Next up the maps, and layer the tracing across Europe as we thought we knew it . . .brexit2

Something’s wrong isn’t it? Germany I know, Italy I know – but there’s a KNOB.
There’s a KNOB sticking out over there to the West.


Ahaa – the crafty buggers, BRETAGNE – of course.

So there you have it, the new shape of Europe, March 2017.

You heard it here first.


6pm news. 28.02.23 – Captain Sunak explains that N.Ireland is in the “Unbelievably unique” position of having access to EU markets, and UK markets.

Did anyone tell him that, without Brexit, so would the whole of the UK?

Speaking in Belfast today, the multi-millionaire was selling the ‘Windsor Framework’. Speaking of Windsor – wouldn’t you love to know the words exchanged between Ursula von der Leyen and King Charles?

UK interest rates are too high and may need cut – Bank of England’s Tenreyro

Nope. No they’re not. 4.5 to 5% would be about ‘level’.

If the Buy-to-Let crowd are bailing then, well, good! (Renters being pushed out at record high as BTL landlords seek to sell).

Tough right now, but it’ll level out – the whole Housing association/ BTL situation is sickening. Homes are to live in. Prices are disgusting. And no council houses being built as a safety net.

What a bloody mess.