“Road Rage” ? It doesn’t exist.

It wasn’t so long ago Road Rage became all the rage.
Every UK news outlet went through a frenzied period of reportage – “Road Rage” incidents items, just about every week.
This week it’s back in the news, but surely part of the problem is the LABEL.
There is no such thing as Road rage, there is such a thing as CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR.

We live in a society where, unfortunately, some factions find their niche by copying trends, by buying into Labels, by mimicking anything they perceive as ‘now’, and/or employing labels as an excuse.

It’s all crap of course. Road rage is a nothing.
Criminal behaviour is something, and it’s illegal.

Market Economy, an excuse to rip-off the public at each and every turn.

customer servicesYesterday vodaphone quoted me for a SIM only deal (having been with them for about 8 years) and singularly failed to offer a deal as good as one they were already advertising.

Very recently an Insurance company quoted me for renewal – then suddenly discovered a ‘new deal’ when I presented them with evidence of better prices elsewhere (for the exact same cover).

News this morning that 2/3rds of UK youngsters now in poverty are living with working parents

If this a “market economy” you can bloody keep it –