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NEWS! Italy, East Germany, Bretagne France, all leaving the Euro zone!

Most mornings I’m up around 6am – Sundays included.

Radio 4 is particularly easy on the ear at this time of

So is it this channel that provides this astonishing scoop?


It’s the rain-trails in the dirt of the van parked opposite.
I grab Klicky McKlikface (my camera – dunno, just seemed funny a few weeks ago)


It’s the SHAPE isn’t it – just LOOK at it.europe_van2

Risking near certain death at the hands of partner who loves to sleep-in on Sundays, I fire-up Captain Bogey (my PC – dunno . . . just seemed . . . ), Firefox, Google, Maps and PhotoShop – then trace round the shape.


Next up the maps, and layer the tracing across Europe as we thought we knew it . . .brexit2

Something’s wrong isn’t it? Germany I know, Italy I know – but there’s a KNOB.
There’s a KNOB sticking out over there to the West.


Ahaa – the crafty buggers, BRETAGNE – of course.

So there you have it, the new shape of Europe, March 2017.

You heard it here first.

UK interest rates are too high and may need cut – Bank of England’s Tenreyro

Nope. No they’re not. 4.5 to 5% would be about ‘level’.

If the Buy-to-Let crowd are bailing then, well, good! (Renters being pushed out at record high as BTL landlords seek to sell).

Tough right now, but it’ll level out – the whole Housing association/ BTL situation is sickening. Homes are to live in. Prices are disgusting. And no council houses being built as a safety net.

What a bloody mess.