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Mining giant Glencore flew cash bribes to Africa via private jet, UK court hears

Healy said there was a “stark contrast between the true culture of the company and that set out in” its anti-money laundering policies.

One down, a few hundred to go, methinks.

Truss is gone. The Tory experiment is dying. Kill it off. Then don’t forgive and don’t forget

Yet I hold one trauma. The machinery that delivered the lies, the mind-bending, the chaos to a stupid majority in 2016 still exists.

I fear, I truly fear that despite this past month of political calamity, too many thin witted, near-sighted, gullible, plain nasty voters will swallow hook, line & stinker whatever crap the right-wing press and Tory marketing machine spews up.

If that happens, this will be the final decade the UK can ever hold its head high. A labour/lib/greens coalition could save our Bacon, just . . . .

England? We have a problem.

A lot of head-scratching going on.

“Why are the Tories still in power?” “Why is Johnson still PM?”

Well, here are the answers.  You and I, if we were honest, probably did a few visits during COVID lockdown, or at least considered it.

Party gate is as boring as fuck, but that’s not the big reason.

The thing is, England now houses a very high proportion of CHANCERS and they adore fellow Chancers. Some are tattooed thugs, whilst others wear suits inside their Audis or Mercs.  Many are private landlords, some are Company Directors, Land-owners but out on the street – many are Construction guys, barbers, estate agents – so, so many.  So, so many more than even fifteen years ago.  Born Tories

And they’ll ALL grab any chance to circumvent rules, to gently, or brazenly cheat, to park on pavements, use disabled spaces in Supermarkets, withhold deposits, over-charge, make false claims, push in, piss about, shout.  Just DO IT, do it for YOU, fuck everyone else, fuck society, fuck the community, fuck the Greater Good.

They’re all CHANCERS.  And they feel a kindred spirit in Boris Johnson .