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For me, Europe has the soul we cannot hope to regain in the UK.

A couple of items from across the water caught my eye this morning.  I was juggling a million hours ‘contact’ time a week, with looming Observations, with a Performance Review tomorrow, and working 12 hours yesterday as The College had an Open Evening.

So it was calming, useful in the extreme to be able to read a couple of pieces that renew my faith in humanity.  Or at least people power of right kind.

Fuck Off Google!  –  This one’s fairly simple – you can read it HERE


Ahhh, but Sweden – now they were always going to be different weren’t they?  Apparently APPLE want to build one of their Churches to Techness in one of Sweden’s oldest ‘town parks’.

Where Councils all over the developed world would be rubbing their market-economies together with unrestrained glee at such a prospect – NO!

“Apple’s store places itself on a podium on the park’s central axis and dominates the setting, seen from the park,” Nyréns wrote in its response to the consultation. “The building, with its location and size, stakes a claim to be the park’s main building.”

“It takes all its energy and all its aura from the public space and doesn’t add anything,” says Dan Hallemar, editor of Arkitektur, Sweden’s leading architecture magazine. “It’s like a parasite.”

Absolutely brilliant!

The full story is HERE


Business over life

Iceland’s banned TV advert.  Iceland as a ‘joke’ supermarket have gone up several notches this year in my estimation, trying far harder than the ‘big four’ to do their bit for the environment – but this tops it all.   Good for them, and shame on the idiots who decided it was just too political to air on UK TV.

Story here

Letter to my MP – 14/3/18



In yesterday’s spring budget Phillip Hammond finally got around to announcing that there would be a consultation into the effects of a charge on disposable coffee cups.

What a shame.

I wonder what is wrong with the UK nowadays – that we need a CONSULTATION on whether or not to do something, when that thing itself is only a half-measure?

The technology exists to never use Plastic again in many things, including Coffee cups.
Indeed, sufficient studies abound showing that merely wandering around with giant containers full of frothy drink – as the fashionable thing it has become, contributes toward a sluggish, ailing workforce.

We know our country needs productivity, not just “jobs based on other people having real jobs” – and we need to be technologically advanced.

So here is the idea – 2 years to a complete ban on plastic for anything ‘throwaway’.
The markets will find the solution, invest in creating the solution.
Let’s be brave for a change.

Trump & the tablets – news for a sick Western world


A couple of items hit us this morning – mind you, the hit would have been more gentle if I’d been on some sort of anti-depressant (they say) – apparently many, many more of us should be popping these things.  Of course we might explore why Depression is on the increase?  But then of course we know, don’t we?  The stresses of work, of being pushed toward targets, of consumerism, of crowded, dirty, lout-ridden streets, of dark TV dramas, of our drift from nature, and from neighbourliness and quality time spent away from the modernities of life today.  The very things we crave, that were supposed to help us, have had precisely the opposite effect.

The same morning it was reported that President Trump’s answer to the latest school shoot is to arm some of the teachers – we could go on at length – but it seems to boil down to:  ‘Want less gun-crime? Then get more guns

Teresa May offering sweeties

L/H side – Guardian 29/9/17

Oooowww . . . she husks (she’s been taught to Husk) on seeing the EU treats bag being slowly edged away from her – “if I offer them some sweeties, maybe?”

The sweetie she has in mind is “maintain security co-operation with the eu”.

She keeps just missing the target doesn’t she?  Conservatives locked in their bubble of themselves, London-centric, big-business-friendly, money, money, money – never life, life, life.

So – if the eu doesn’t feel like listening to more of the self-deluded drivel from the Conservatives, we’ll stop co-operating with security?

What! Really?

Grenfell Tower – apologies mean nothing

There’s not a single reason to read
any apologies.

or, any trite little devices such as “recognise the response blah blah blah”, never mind some now housed in ‘Luxury’ blocks temporarily, nor even the money going to the homeless survivors.

The people that run us (not just the politicians) will know we soon forget – soon turn to the Next Big Thing (oh my god – “I’ve not got much charge left on my smartphone“)

Let’s do a bit of drilling, shall we?

  • Who owns the block?
  • Who profits from the block?
  • Where do the owners live?
  • How much do they earn?
  • How much tax did they pay last year?
  • Where are their second and third homes?
  • How many holidays a year do they go on?
  • What other financial interests do they or their families own?

But don’t stop.

Building/refurbishment/legal costs.
How much for each item?  I MEAN for each ITEM that makes up some ‘cost’ we’re told about (note – we’re told about).

. . . . . . and then – widen these questions to every single tower block in the country.


We hear such-and-such “just had a £20,000,000 refurbishment / build / new road / new pedestrian crossing / cycle lane / blah blah”

well show us where every single penny WENT.

  • Where does that money ACTUALLY GO?
  • Who owns the companies doing the work?
  • Who owns the companies supplying the materials? / Renting out the equipment etc etc etc.
  • Where do these owners live?
  • How much do they earn?
  • How tax did they pay last year?
  • How many days a week / month do they work?
  • What are their qualifications?
  • Who sets these Quals – who pays who?
  • Where are their second and third homes?
  • How many holidays a year do they go on?
  • What other financial interests do they or their families own?

We’re all getting too much CRAP. . . getting told and sold too much crap . . . . .

and they’re making us pay too much, for too much crap.