Spring at last.

River Stour, Dorset, England.

We managed 13° in Sunshine Friday (17/03) it felt like prising a door of possibilities open, just a hint. Cormorants drying their wings high up in a tree on the bank of the river Stour, where I live. That sun on the face – a real gift.
We’ve all been ‘running on empty’ for months.


6pm news. 28.02.23 – Captain Sunak explains that N.Ireland is in the “Unbelievably unique” position of having access to EU markets, and UK markets.

Did anyone tell him that, without Brexit, so would the whole of the UK?

Speaking in Belfast today, the multi-millionaire was selling the ‘Windsor Framework’. Speaking of Windsor – wouldn’t you love to know the words exchanged between Ursula von der Leyen and King Charles?

UK interest rates are too high and may need cut – Bank of England’s Tenreyro


Nope. No they’re not. 4.5 to 5% would be about ‘level’.

If the Buy-to-Let crowd are bailing then, well, good! (Renters being pushed out at record high as BTL landlords seek to sell).


Tough right now, but it’ll level out – the whole Housing association/ BTL situation is sickening. Homes are to live in. Prices are disgusting. And no council houses being built as a safety net.

What a bloody mess.

Offshore Windfarms

Guardian – 28-11-2022

Not good enough guys, not good enough by a long long way.

“where communities . . . .” needs rinsing out, the greatest percentage of objections always hark from those who cite ‘eyesore’ on the landscape or horizon – forget it! That chance, that argument has flown – no-one has the right to object to Windfarms on these farcical grounds alone.

But it’s bigger than that isn’t it? No 10 set to “allow” what the fuck? Are you saying they were disallowed previously? Unfuckingbelieveable.

Even a country’s Government shouldn’t have power over this – it’s the PLANET stupid!