New names2

Here in the UK there’s a favoured dish for using leftover vegetables and potatoes from Xmas, and frying them into a savoury ‘pudding’ nick-named “Bubble and Squeak”.

Lendita may well have misheard the family’s original conversation, past Boxing days – so announced today she was preparing “Bubble and Squeeze”.

And you know she’s right, because you mash it all down -effectively you squeeze it all together.

So there it is – feel free to appropriate – Bubble & Squeeze.

What doesn’t he tell us?

So a lot of the world has decided we can’t go there, and they won’t come here. And our nearest neighbours, France, have closed their borders to us.

One can’t help wondering, what do they know – or what aren’t we being told, about the Covid position in the UK?

New names

We were watching a Liam Neeson movie last night, but neither of us could remember his name.
After several false starts Lendita came up with “Neil Armstrong”. So that’s the moviestar’s new name now.

Doogee S88 Pro Review – 4 days in, haven’t recharged yet.

God it’s a brick.  I mean it’s HUGE – and very, very heavy.  There is no way you’d keep this beast in a trouser or jacket pocket – seriously, you just would NEVER.

This isn’t a review – just a few notes, some of the specifications of this phone are truly exceptional – so please go and read them!

    Dreadful.  Sorry, it’s horrible.  Download the free Open Camera App and use that. It at least makes some sense of the 21Mp available.
    Actually very good, especially since there is just one loudspeaker.
    USB – C, no headphone jack (but an adapter comes supplied).
  • Android 10 – fine I guess, as long as you want to do ‘Gestures’ to go back, or release a page or App from the screen – otherwise a rather naff option quite honestly.  One number ‘up’ never always means ‘one number better’.
  • Programmable buttons (“quick access”) buttons – don’t use them!
    Whatever thing you assign to these buttons will unfailingly be there waiting for you to dismiss once you can read the screen – as you just cannot help pressing these things when you pick up the phone.
  • Side-Mounted fingerprint reader – patchy performance.
    Actually, because of its positioning – it’s more likely to be a thumb-print reader.  When it works it’s fast.  But it doesn’t always work – honestly – sometimes – it’s . . just . . . nothing.

Covid-19: UK economy plunges into deepest recession since records began

20 years ago, as we slid happily into a “service economy” and a few pundits dared suggest ‘we (UK) don’t make anything anymore’.

I recall my agreement – and here’s the way to think about it. The vast majority of UK JOBS – are based solely on SOMEONE ELSE HAVING A JOB.

So as jobs shrink, service jobs shrink out of all proportion. That is why the UK now sees headlines such as those above. Simple.

Covid-19: UK economy plunges into deepest recession since records began