Market Economy, an excuse to rip-off the public at each and every turn.

customer servicesYesterday vodaphone quoted me for a SIM only deal (having been with them for about 8 years) and singularly failed to offer a deal as good as one they were already advertising.

Very recently an Insurance company quoted me for renewal – then suddenly discovered a ‘new deal’ when I presented them with evidence of better prices elsewhere (for the exact same cover).

News this morning that 2/3rds of UK youngsters now in poverty are living with working parents

If this a “market economy” you can bloody keep it –

One thought on “Market Economy, an excuse to rip-off the public at each and every turn.”

  1. post-script:
    I finally got the SIM-only deal I was after, from Vodaphone – now, as we approach November (so, three months then) Vodaphone have singularly failed to apply the new rate to my account, resulting in bills roughly twice what they should be, every month. Each month I’ve called them, each time I’ve waited, each time I’ve typed in all manner of detail (to be asked it again once a ‘person’ speaks to you), each time they’ve promised correcting actions. And each time they failed.


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