Motor muses.

A quick walk up the road (the service road where Idah’s Patisserie sits, Christchurch Road, Bournemouth) one morning got my mind brimming with annoyances within about fifty steps.

Not the best time to be blogging I’ll admit, from a tired perspective  – but I thought I’d dig my heels in and type out this poison anyway.

Annoyance#1 – walk past a 4×4 Princessvagen (white 4×4, blonde, massive sunglasses), and aforementioned Princess is sat inside; parked, engine running (diesel)- why?  For heat?  For air-conditioning?  (and if for the latter – just think about what that means – she is filtering her own air, whilst pumping a load of crap into the air of those on foot).

Annoyance#2 – Four steps on and I spot a Nissan Nirvana – pristine, no marks anywhere, especially at the ‘pickup’ end, the cover was clean enough to eat off of, no tow-bar – I got to wondering why the owner had it all?  Of course – it looks a bit like an American pick-up, of course, of course.

Annoyance#3 – the BIGGY – behind the Nirvana sat, well, what I can only describe as a Homage to glass, steel and lighting jazziness.
It was bloody enormous.  It was Range Rover Sport, minimum cost for new one?  About £60,0000.  No tow-bar.
A white van was trying ease itself past said monstrosity as I walked past, it couldn’t do it, the Range Rover was too wide – so both blokes sat inside the trade wagon cab chatting, leering at the female students on the pavement, one chucked his empty coffee cup out of the window.

Choice.   Oh god choice.  Why can’t we buy what we bloody well want Evans?

Well, quite honestly, my first thought was “bloody hell – what do you do with all that SPACE?”  I wasn’t thinking about Costs, or Pollution, or – god in heaven – people’s bloody CHOICE to do what they want.

But then choice is a double-headed banana isn’t it?

In the summer I’m often on or around the Sandbanks ferry area – and here I witness more choice being exercised – on a hot day, in a mile-long ferry queue – the choice to leave your engine on so that the air-conditioning is still working (why the hell did you bother to ‘go out’ at all?) – by god, they’re even starting to do it ON the ferry – a mere 12min run.

(The same thing happens in the winter – Car engines running on the Ferry – to keep the heating on).

So perhaps choice is a responsibility, which, sadly appears to be neglected more and more – as the UK becomes more and more liberal-minded.  Odd that.


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