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Forget El Nino – it’s now La Nina


On a lighter note – here in Bournemouth, UK it’s bloody cold for the last week of April.  I guess I’m hoping it’s heralding a bright (warm) Summer ahead – but who knows?

Certainly the UK Met office doesn’t – their 30 day forecast is, em . . . about as good as I could do, without the use of their £97,000,000, 000 super-computer (no, really) .
Have a quick read – it really is a laugh – http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/long-range-forecast/.

We, as a planet are moving out of the 2015/16 El Nino (https://www.climate.gov/news-features/blogs/enso/march-2016-el-ni%C3%B1o-update-spring-forward) – and they’re (Christ! there’s always a “they” isn’t there?)  talking about possibilities for a La Nina (I’m not making this up, I swear) – though surf as I might, nothing is mentioned about ramifications of an La Nina for Northern Hemisphere.

Need a more expensive computer, perhaps?