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Nearing the mainstream

aldi et al - tune into the mainstream, and become weaker for it
aldi et al – tune into the mainstream, and become weaker for it

Such a shame.  It wasn’t long ago I really enjoyed being an Aldi or Lidl shopper.  I felt on the verge of great discoveries.  Truly kicking aside the fake-friendly, bargain-lying, pack-your-bags-for-you-sir? Utter crap that I felt constituted the UK supermarket scene.

Fast forward to 2016 and you can hardly tell them apart.  And with that the prices, once about half or a third of comparable goods in Sainsburys, or Tescos – are now edging-up as market share gains, and habits are re-set.

Witness their Social media pages, their TV adverts, music style borrowed from the established players, chatty-batty commenting, so obviously tuned to the mainstream – not a German mis-quote, or misunderstanding of a slogan in site, sight, site, either will do in this case – and all the worse for it.

It was good while it lasted.

Tescos, rip-offs and market crash? Together?

Steve Evans raves

I’ve been banging-on about supermarket practices for some years now (February 2013, to be precise), and it seems the media is catching up with me finally.
Guardian – 21/04  –  Supermarkets dupe shoppers out of hundreds of millions
BBC News 21/04  – ‘Which?’ on supermarkets misleading pricing claims

The big leaguers still don’t GET IT, do they?
I’m not sure anyone seriously wants a deal on Eggs or Milk for christsakes (TV adverts this week), if only they gave it a little thought.

misleading pricing claims
Half what price?

And because they don’t get it,  I don’t give a jot about Tesco’s 6.4 BILLION LOSS – though the numbers are incredible aren’t they?

Especially since it seems to have been such an astoundingly speedy decline, from what seemed an unassailable dominance until now.
Just HOW do you lose that amount of money so quickly?
Foodstuffs need to be the cheapest they absolutely can be, having paid growers, suppliers, transport, and staffing.
If I can’t buy a flat-screen coffee machine at the same shop I chose apples, then so be it.

tesco lose money hand-over-fist
Oh dear, Tesco FT drop

Maybe I’ve never given the average shopper as much credit as they deserved?  Maybe “Every little helps” paraded across our TV screens for so long, as the company charged us TWICE as MUCH for some goods as their competitors was a step too far – or, more likely, real Britain needed to look to their wallets – discovered a couple of German supermarkets, and walked.