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For me, Europe has the soul we cannot hope to regain in the UK.

A couple of items from across the water caught my eye this morning.  I was juggling a million hours ‘contact’ time a week, with looming Observations, with a Performance Review tomorrow, and working 12 hours yesterday as The College had an Open Evening.

So it was calming, useful in the extreme to be able to read a couple of pieces that renew my faith in humanity.  Or at least people power of right kind.

Fuck Off Google!  –  This one’s fairly simple – you can read it HERE


Ahhh, but Sweden – now they were always going to be different weren’t they?  Apparently APPLE want to build one of their Churches to Techness in one of Sweden’s oldest ‘town parks’.

Where Councils all over the developed world would be rubbing their market-economies together with unrestrained glee at such a prospect – NO!

“Apple’s store places itself on a podium on the park’s central axis and dominates the setting, seen from the park,” Nyréns wrote in its response to the consultation. “The building, with its location and size, stakes a claim to be the park’s main building.”

“It takes all its energy and all its aura from the public space and doesn’t add anything,” says Dan Hallemar, editor of Arkitektur, Sweden’s leading architecture magazine. “It’s like a parasite.”

Absolutely brilliant!

The full story is HERE

A tumultuous week

An eerie silence descended upon England Friday 24th June.

“What the HELL have we done?” – coupled with the feeling of loss, of instability, the realisation of a few complications and truths not made apparent during the disgusting run-up to the In/Out referendum.

Days later both main Political parties are at each other’s throats – as if it was only ever about THEM, and as I type this, we’re facing the possibility of seeing one imaginative force for change ousted today (Jeremy Corbin).  Not just change, but a change of direction – away from the city-led, money-led, spin-led CRAP that has assisted the UK in its downward path toward the mediocrity we see today all about us.